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Every day more and more websites, YouTubers and Tiktok videos are popping up with all sorts of crazy life hacks that claim to work. More often than not, they don’t. It’s what we like to call clickbait. We’ve dedicated to put these to the test and report back to you on the ones that actually work.

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No More Fake News and Click Bait Headlines

We research all those crazy life hacks so you don't have to.

The idea for this website came about when one of my nieces fell for those stupid fake life hacks and blew her expensive cell phone up. She believed one of the hacks that claimed she could use the microwave to charge her phone. She’s young and didn’t know any better. She thought that if she watched a video about it, then it had to be true.

A life hack is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. But if it doesn’t work, then it does just the opposite, it wastes your time and money. So that’s why we spend our time working hard to help you find out the truth and get to the bottom of all the clickbait fakes. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of hacks out there. We will test each and every one of them for you and report back to you with our results, but only if we find a hack that actually works.

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What We Like to Test

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Household hacks ar the ones that involve anything in your house including things like ice cubes, microwaves, and ways to clean your bathtub.

Makeup Hacks

There are more makeup life hacks than I can even count. But not to worry, one by one we’ll get through them for you.

Kids Life Hacks

Kids hacks that are fake are becoming far more common witht he rise of TikTok. We will work on sorting through the legit ones for you.

Food Hacks

Food hacks are probably the best because some of them are so good, but so many are super fake.

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